What do you give the monk who gives so much yet wants so little?

Ajahn Brahm believes that any person with a sincere desire to seek peace, happiness & liberation should have the opportunity to find it. By working together to support the Newbury Buddhist Monastery (NBM) project, we are building a place of refuge where monastics and lay seekers alike can learn and practice the Dhamma.

The NBM Retreat Centre construction is planned to commence in September 2021 and financial support is needed to start the construction. Ajahn Brahm believes that this is one of the most important Buddhist projects currently being undertaken and encourages all of his followers to lend their support.

When completed, not only will the facility provide the opportunity for monastics and lay people to practice meditation in a tranquil forest setting, it will also provide the nuns with their own area of seclusion. It will enable the nuns to establish a boundary between the lay community and themselves, thus allowing the same peace and seclusion available to the monks.

All donations from this website and any activities related to Ajahn Brahm’s 70th Birthday are expressly and solely for the Buddhist Society of Victoria Monastery Building Fund.

If you are a resident of Australia the Buddhist Society of Victoria Monastery Building Fund will send you a receipt which may be tax deductible in Australia

The greatest birthday gift Ajahn Brahm could ask for is the support you give in making the timeless teachings of the Buddha accessible to everyone.

Support the Newbury Buddhist Monastery Project

(A Special Message from Ajahn Brahm)

The Newbury Buddhist Monastery (NBM) and Retreat Centre is the first Theravadan monastery of its kind in the world, where monks (bhikkhus), nuns (bhikkhunis), lay men and lay women can live and practice the Dhamma together.

Ajahn Brahm has encouraged all his followers to lend their support to this ambitious project and become a part of his shared mission to make the Buddha’s teachings available to all.