New Book, now available.

Now available!

A new book of talks based on Ajahn Brahm’s retreats is available to download for free.

Opening up to Kindfulness was compiled to celebrate the arrival of a wise being who came into this world on the seventh of August 70 years ago.

Ajahn Brahm, an embodiment of kindness and compassion, is internationally known for his practical and engaging style of teaching that is easily understood in modern times, using anecdotes, humorous stories and jokes. He takes the essential ideas of the Buddha, taught in Northern India over 2,500 years ago, and redelivers them with his own personal, warm interpretation. Ajahn Brahm is, for many, an inspiring teacher who speaks directly to the heart, showing us the true meaning of wisdom and compassion for ourselves and for others. The qualities he focuses on—love, mindfulness and kindness—are universal, going beyond any one belief or religious tradition.

It is our hope that this book will draw you, dear reader, to the clarity and compassion of the message Ajahn Brahm’s teachings convey: freedom from suffering is as relevant today as it was in India during the Buddha’s lifetime.

Every chapter of this book is an edited transcript of public talks given by Ajahn Brahm in Western Australia and in Malaysia.

The book covers the basics of Buddhism as well as practical approaches to some of life’s issues.

We hope that you will enjoy the reading and see the meaning in Ajahn Brahm’s message of ‘kindfulness’ for a happier life.

Wisdom and Wonders book project team July 2021

Opening up to Kindfulness is part of the MettaShelf (book shelf), which includes Ajahn Brahm’s Dependent Origination article (made into a booklet). The MettaShelf is a book-reading app, which is another gift to Ajahn Brahm.