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A Tsunami brought me luck

The year was 2004. At the beautiful Nilambe Meditation Centre, in the highlands of Sri Lanka, I was awaiting my taxi. Not wanting to disturb the yogi’s in the hall, at its arrival, I sat in the kuti. A book titled “Basic method of meditation” was lying on a table.
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Linda in Canada

I found that whatever difficulty I was facing, Ajahn Brahm had already given advice on just that point in a Dhamma talk. At first I used to look through the titles of the talks I had, to choose something that seemed suitable. But I soon learned to trust what I call “the deva of the iPod shuffle”. I select all the Ajahn Brahm Dhamma talks on my iPod, and hit the shuffle icon, almost always the talk that comes up first, addresses my needs perfectly!
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Single Mum- Australia

Ajahn Brahm has helped me understand more about Buddhism and learn meditation. He has helped with my worry and anxiety. I was a single mum and had gone through very tough times. I would regret the past and worry about the future. Ajahn Brahm has taught me a lot especially about kindness and understanding. I have learnt to treat others well even if they are not that nice to me. He has made me not be so confused and terrified about life after death. I have learnt about karma and reincarnation.
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Retreat Hopper – From Singapore

Heading from retreat to retreat
Seeking but not finding a comfortable seat
Then Ajahn Brahm told me “Well, this may be your third time lucky!”
Every talk so wonderfully funny!
Never expecting to connect with a teacher on this path, finally
Who clearly threads in both inner and outer Worlds masterfully
So much understanding and humility
For whomever it may be
Teachings of the highest excellence and deepest quality
Of the mind and heart – that does not come by so easily

Thank you from the USA

Thank You Ajahn Brahm for helping me to understand the teachings of the Buddha. I stopped smoking marijuana because of Ajahn Brahm, and it has been almost two years now since I stopped.

A poem from Singapore

Dear Ajahn Brahm,
Whenever I suffer
I always wonder
What would Ajahn Brahm do
To chase away the blue.
And then I know what to do.
You are my balm, Ajahn Brahm.
Happy birthday!

From Australia

Dear Ajahn Brahm, we have always appreciated your Dhamma talks with funny jokes at the most unexpected moment.
And admired the tireless way you spread the Dhamma and energized people.
Most of all we are very thankful you visited our dying son at Alfred hospital one early morning in 2016
on your way to a busy schedule for NBM Vesak. Our son heard so much about you
and was very keen to see you. It meant a lot for him and he was so happy afterwards.
He passed away the next day. Thank you for your compassion and we wish you a long and healthy life
so you can continue this exemplary service to all.

Recorded guided meditation

A coordinated group Metta Meditation program is a fitting tribute in marking the occasion of Ajahn Brahm’s 70th Birthday, as he has been infusing Metta into our minds being his strongest inclination, as a steppingstone to the Noble Path. The meditators will share the merit and wish Ajahn Brahm continued good health and long life immersed in the supreme bliss of Dhamma for enabling him to pass such wisdom to the community.

Against The Grain

Ajahn brahm has always been rebellious. Whether it was his long hair as a teenager, his giving up of alcohol as a student, or his embrace of Buddhism at the tender age of sixteen, he has never been satisfied with mainstream thinking and received wisdom. This sense of non-conformism is evident throughout his spiritual journey as a monk.

Giving, Always Giving

For Ajahn Brahm, kindness is at the core of the spiritual life. Kindness and generosity are threads that run through his entire monastic life, stretching back all the way to his earliest days as a monk.

How to run a monastery

Many people enter monastic life because of a love of meditation. They seek the solitude and support that monastic life provides for meditators. It is quite paradoxical, then, that the same people, Ajahn Brahm included, often end up running monasteries and being in charge of communities. So how do these natural hermits run a monastery?

The Nibbana Box

What is Nibbana? The most profound truths of life can be hard to understand intellectually. It is often better to approach them through the use of similes and metaphors.

Ghost Hunting

When Ajahn Brahm was still a young monk in Thailand, he enjoyed a period of what is known in Thai as tudong, a lifestyle of wandering on foot in search of places conducive for meditation. Tudong is often undertaken by forest monks to challenge and test themselves after an initial period of training in a monastery.