The ONLY replica of the original manuscript of Opening the Door of Your Heart

Winning Bid: $22,600

We all may have a copy, dog eared, and a very loved keepsake of the book, Opening of the Door of Your Heart, but have you ever wondered what the original manuscript, handwritten by Ajahn, actually looks like? One lucky bidder will have a rare chance to own a replica of the manuscript and marvel at the pages filled with lines and lines of Ajahn’s mindful handwriting that made “Opening the Door of Your Heart” possible more than 15 years ago.


This is the one and only replica of the “Opening the Door of Your Heart” manuscript which includes a complete set of Ajahn Brahm’s 108 handwritten stories. Encasing it is a 2-piece original artwork cover, specially designed and hand-illustrated by Borneo-born and Los Angeles-based multi-hyphenate artist, Yves Gore, who has found delight in Ajahn Brahm’s teachings for 15 years. The visual on the cover depicts scenes from the life of Ajahn Brahm, favorite tales from his book, and some classics from Ajahn’s personal talks. Here, Yves Gore’s artwork also acts as playful, spiritual, and visual protection for the manuscript’s contents and is a heartfelt tribute to Ajahn Brahm’s monumental 70th birthday. The cover is colored by prolific Chinese-Mongolian performance artist, Frank Fu, whose recent exhibition includes at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Artwork has been signed by both artists.

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This item has been donated to the Buddhist Society of Victoria Inc (BSV) for the purpose of raising funds for the Newbury Buddhist Monastery Retreat Centre project, and to promote Buddhist Spirituality and Practices. It has nil “Commercial Market Transferable Value”.

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