Share your story

Our beloved Ajahn Brahm turns 70 this year on 7th August. You know he loves telling stories, some funny, some poignant … all inspiring. Now is your chance to share YOUR inspiring stories as part of his birthday celebration. Tell us about your encounter with Ajahn Brahm and his teachings. How have he inspired you? Did he touch your heart or changed your outlook on life? Perhaps his jokes brightened your day. Or his teachings shone a light when everything seems so dark?

If you express yourself best through poems, we would love to receive them too. Or if you are an audio or visual-type, share an audio or video recording with us. These stories are beautiful gifts to Ajahn Brahm. Your story may also inspire others in this journey of life.

By submitting your story, you permit us to share them with Ajahn Brahm as well as publish them online in the pre-event or birthday celebration on 7th August. We may need to edit your story to suit the delivery channel, but will ensure the core of your story is retained.

Please submit your stories by 7th August. If you are submitting a audio or video file, you may wish to upload to a shared file space (like Google Drive, Dropbox etc) and copy the URL/link into this form and we will download the file.

If you have difficulties with the form or have a query, please email Thank you