Single Mum- Australia

I was introduced to buddism from a friend. I have been raised a catholic. I got into Buddism after our local priest took his own life.

I started chanting nam myoho renge kyo. It helped with my worries and anxiety. My husband went through prostate cancer and it helped me dramatically. I would also chant for my daughter to help her at school. I would also chant to help me at my work and health and help with my worries and anxiety. One day I was looking up Buddhists monks on youtube. I came accross Ajahn Brahm, I watched quite a few of his videos. I really enjoyed his talk and his humour and incredibly funny jokes. I followed him on youtube for months. I eventually found out he was at the Buddhist Society of WA in Nollamara. I started going to see him in December of 2020. I very much enjoy his meditation and his talks.

Ajahn Brahm has helped me understand more about Buddhism and learn meditation. He has helped with my worry and anxiety. I was a single mum and had gone through very tough times. I would regret the past and worry about the future. Ajahn Brahm has taught me a lot especially about kindness and understanding. I have learnt to treat others well even if they are not that nice to me. He has made me not be so confused and terrified about life after death. I have learnt about karma and reincarnation.

Happy birthday Ajahn Brahm I wish you many more years. I will miss you and I cant wait to see you back and listen to your hysterical jokes. Love from Anita (the one with the red hair that asks alot of questions!)