Global Mettā meditation retreat

A coordinated group Metta Meditation program is a fitting tribute in marking the occasion of Ajahn Brahm’s 70th Birthday, as he has been infusing Metta into our minds being his strongest inclination, as a steppingstone to the Noble Path. The meditators will share the merit and wish Ajahn Brahm continued good health and long life immersed in the supreme bliss of Dhamma for enabling him to pass such wisdom to the community.

Jhana Grove Residential Retreat

1 to 6 August. (arrive 31 July). Limited to 18 places. Meditators participating at Dhammaloka or at their own residence need not apply.

Celebrate in Melbourne

Time: 11.00am – 3.00 pm (Melbourne time)
Saturday 7th of August
@Newbury Buddhist Monastery